About Agape Behavioral Center

Agape Behavioral Center is a Fort Pierce-based inpatient mental health treatment center dedicated to providing top quality care and personalized treatment plans for all individuals struggling with mental illness. Our unique approach incorporates evidence-based therapies as well as holistic methods designed to foster healing of mind, body and spirit. 

We strive to offer knowledge, resources, hope and inspiration that will empower the person we are treating to reach their highest potential. With compassion, expertise and specialized programs tailored specifically for each individual’s needs we believe every single person can take control over their emotional wellbeing through our comprehensive application of proven therapeutic models. 

The mission of Agape Behavioral Center is to create an environment where those in need find relief from their struggles while gaining the skills necessary to move forward with greater confidence and direction on their journey towards recovery. Our vision is that no one should have to face life’s challenges alone; it is our duty at Agape Behavioral Center use our expertise so people facing any form of mental condition can feel empowered by regaining control over their lives.

Our Mission

The Agape Behavioral Center mission is to provide our clients and their families with the highest level of long-term wellness. By delivering compassionate care for the whole person, a sustainable way of life is well within reach for those battling the management of their mental wellness.

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